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“A new band we love... bloody lush.” Lauren Laverne, BBC 6music
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Welcome to Howl Griff HQ, where you can listen to our music, watch our videos and check out our latest pictures and gig information. You can brew up too, if you like; no sugars, thanks.


Howl Griff are very proud to announce the fruits of their labours: their fifth album, recorded at Cariad Music Room and due for release early in 2016. Don't worry, though: you can hear the tunes RIGHT NOW by listening below or buy it at Bandcamp


Also available is Howl Griff's fourth full-length long-player, Fragile Diamond – you can hear it by listening below or buy it at iTunes or Bandcamp. The title track was made BBC Radio Wales' Single of the Week; the album was made BBC Radio Cymru C2's Album of the Week. And it created a crescendo of positive reviews: see below the player for some highlights.

(Bandcamp includes option to buy the actual CD)

The reviews for the Fragile Diamond album have been universally excited and uniformly positive.

The Line Of Best Fit's Steve Lampiris gives it 8.5 out of 10: "HG sprinkle cuteness where it fits into the compositions but leave them alone when it doesn’t... This careful equilibrium carries over into the lyrics... clever puns push the song beyond aww-shucks novelty... further validating Howl Griff’s way with cuteness that their peers seem to lack... effortlessly marrying indie rock and the endearing songwriting. In other words, you can be adorable without descending into hipster irony."

Western Mail's Dave Owens says "Brandishing more hooks than Abu Hamza, Captain Hook, Peter Hook and a massive cloakroom, you could be forgiven for thinking that Howl Griff are the result of some genetic experiment in a laboratory undertaking pioneering research into the creation of the perfect melody."

Louder Than War's Adrian Bloxham says "Trust me on this, you should hear this band. It’s an album you should have for the car for that interminable drive to work, it should be playing as you look out of the window on a cold winter's day holding a mug of tea. It’s there for you to hear, and your life will be a tiny bit shinier for hearing it."

Stuff magazine gives it 4 out of 5: "The perfect antidote to autumn's inexorable onset, the third album by the Anglo-Welsh-American psychedelic rockers (their words) is warm, fuzzy and saturated with summery charm. Stick it on and pretend it's still June."

Echoes and Dust's Martyn Coppack hails A cornucopia of delightful songs that straddles boundaries, a smorgasbord of riffs, melodies and psych... A return to the old master style of Brian Wilson, The Kinks and Syd Barrett with an album that doesn’t let up from the get-go. It’s a crime that songs like this don’t top the charts anymore... A splendid time is guaranteed for all... Purely lovely.

Music News reviewer Andy Snipper simply says Howl Griff are very, very good... developing their songwriting to a place that is as good as anyone around today... There isn’t a duff number or a filler on the album... good pop music is not easy to achieve but Howl Griff manage it effortlessly... This is an album that I know I will go back to time and again.

7bit Arcade's David Gould enjoys “A gracious album with much heart and soul… the band revel in the tender simplicity of the songs; a defiant joy resonating throughout all the compositions… soars with exquisite vocal harmonies… a coherent release, both warm and enduring. Here’s to the future of Welsh psychedelia.

Helen Todner at calls it Deep, rich, and filled with variety. Each song has its own unique signature sound ranging from 70s electro rock to folk to pop. The album evolves as you listen to it, leading you further into the band's life-stories. 9/10 ask Is it any good? You better believe it. There are several great moments…  all-killer-no-filler, every song rich with hooks in its own style. While it lives up to its psychedelic epithet, the album is friendly enough that it's incredibly difficult not to find something good on there, regardless of your taste.

Rocksucker's Jonny Abrams says It delights frequently. Authoritative, neat songwriting... graceful, stately and reflective... smart, energetic jangle-pop... absolutely gorgeous... flippin' marvellous.

Raw Ramp Mag's Neil Mach says it Gives each listener a love bath. Aromatic, healthy and healing… retains the noble heart of pop… grand and quite indispensible… hugely gratifying… a classic… perfection.

See our Press page for fuller quotes and more reviews, including for previous albums. They are also available at our Shop – and if you want something for nothing, download some completely gratis songs via our MPfrees page.

(Bandcamp includes option to buy the actual CD)






After receiving much press and public acclaim for our debut, Welsh-language record Howl Griff, we unleashed our second album The Hum – this one in English. Along with single releases Bluebirds and Sunrise, the album has garnered heady acclaim.

"Bloody lush – a new band we love," said Lauren Laverne on her daytime BBC 6music show. She's not alone in liking what she hears. "Life-affirming," wrote The Independent. "Gorgeous harmonies and warm '60s melodies – the result is quite lovely," added Stuff magazine. "A Welsh Brian Wilson," claims Clash magazine.

So when BBC 6music's lovely Lauren Laverne asked if we were interested in giving away an MPfree on her show, who were we to argue? Thanks to her, you can download the Sunrise single for zero pence on our free MP3s page.

We've been played widely across BBC 6music, Radio One, Radio Wales, Radio London and noted Californian station KCRW too, which is nice.

You can listen to our previous releases on their own pages (click the covers to the left), watch some videos or buy Howl Griff songs at AmazoniTunes or Bandcamp – where you can choose what to pay us for our work...

We'll also be gigging (schedule here). Don't be shy, come and say hello. And email us to join our mailing list, so we can send you some free MP3s. Join the gang!


Love, peace & music,
Howl Griff


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